Alfa Laval and Blue World Technologies collaboration

Blue World Technologies partners up with Alfa Laval on a carbon-neutral methanol fuel cell system for shipping

4 min

An innovative fuel cell system based on high-temperature proton exchange membrane (HTPEM) technology from Blue World Technologies is being constructed for testing at the Alfa …

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Christian Peter Schou Jakobsen Chief Financial Officer

Blue World Technologies recruits Chief Financial Officer from within own ranks

2 min

Driving the financial strategy, Christian Peter Schou Jakobsen has been appointed Chief Financial Officer of Blue World Technologies supporting the development of the company in …

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Mads Friis Jensen

China fuel cell vehicle supply chain conference and expo 2021: Blue World Technologies will participate as speaker

< 1 min

Mads Friis Jensen, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Blue World Technologies, will speak at the 2021 CFC conference of methanol fuel cells on 8 …

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Mads Friis Jensen speaking at methanol webinar

Knowledge webinar: How green methanol can play a strategic role in India’s hydrogen economy

< 1 min

Mads Friis Jensen, CCO and Co-founder of Blue World Technologies will participate in the joint technical webinar on green hydrogen and green methanol Tuesday, 6 …

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Danish Power Systems Hans Aage Hjuler and Blue World Technologies

Blue World Technologies presents Chief Scientific Officer with a unique background

3 min

Following Blue World Technologies’ acquisition of Danish Power Systems, the former CEO and Co-founder, Hans Aage Hjuler, continues as Chief Scientific Officer at Blue World …

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Methanol and power to x

CEO blog post: Energy security in a fossil-free future

2 min

This post is originally published by Anders Korsgaard, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Blue World Technologies as an article on LinkedIn. I read an …

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Blue Aalborg Factory

Blue World Technologies upgrades production facilities to match growing demand

3 min

The methanol fuel cell developer and manufacturer has taken over an 8,500 m2 production building on the Port of Aalborg, which has the capacity to …

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New regional sales direction ASEAN

Welcome to Sander Densing, Regional Sales Director for the ASEAN region

< 1 min

Last week we welcomed Sander Densing to the Blue World Technologies team where he has joined the Commercial Department as Regional Sales Director for the …

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Blue World Technologies and Karma Automotive to collaborate on fuel cell propulsion system

3 min

AALBORG, Denmark and IRVINE, California, USA (Feb. 2, 2021) – Blue World Technologies today announced that we have agreed to collaborate with Karma Automotive to …

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Blue World Technologies fuel cell stack

Danish Authorities have approved Blue World Technologies’ acquisition of Danish Power Systems

< 1 min

Following the press release on 13 January, where Blue World Technologies announced the acquisition of Danish Power System, the final approval from the Danish Business …

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