The methanol fuel cell

Superior HT PEM fuel cell technology

strong technology platform

The methanol fuel cells

The Blue World Technologies fuel cells are based on high-temperature PEM-technology combined with methanol-reforming. A combination that ensures a simple system design with high energy conversion efficiency.

The methanol fuel cell system provides an alternative to the use of fossil fuels and is designed to reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emission while also ensuring long range, fast refuelling, zero harmful emissions, and a low fuel cost.

Industrial approach

Blue World’s value chain coverage

Our industrial approach makes Blue World Technologies stand out by having all technologies and core component manufacturing within the methanol fuel cell stack value chain in the organisation, and in some cases even to system level. 

Research and development

Pursuing technological breakthroughs and product development

Material and component

Manufacturing of materials and components used in the fuel cells

Production and assembly

Manufacturing and assembly of components to fuel cell stack


System integration e.g. in our high-power platform


Various end-user applications in close collaboration with OEMs or customers

Added value

High electrical efficiency and long-lasting durability

The methanol fuel cells provide a variety of benefits to different markets, but common for all are high electrical efficiency and long-lasting durability. 

With decades of experience in the industry and a continuous R&D effort, Blue World Technologies’ focus is on developing an advanced technology portfolio ranging from core materials through the stack and reformer design to the final methanol fuel cell system.

Blue World Technologies is covering the entire value chain to enable optimised performance and cost-effectiveness of components and systems. This ensures a seamless scale-up of production and product delivery.

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CO2 reduction

Due to the high electrical efficiency of the Blue World Technologies fuel cells, they provide a significant CO2 reduction, and if the fuel cell is running on methanol based on renewable sources, the operation is CO2 neutral in a well-to-wheel perspective.

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Cost savings

With a high fuel conversion and a low maintenance requirement, the methanol fuel cell provides cost savings.

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Zero harmful emission

Blue World Technologies' methanol fuel cell has zero NOx, SOx, or particle emission providing a clean operation.


A green alternative to industries around the world

Based on extensive industry knowledge, Blue World Technologies’ methanol fuel cell technology is applicable to a wide range of industries worldwide. 



Other applications

Want to know more?

Our team is ready to provide you with further information on the use of methanol fuel cell technology for different applications or within specific industries.