Renewable methanol

Paving the way for a green future with net-zero carbon emission

Renewable methanol

Methanol as an e-fuel provides an opportunity to decarbonise multiple industries that can drastically reduce the world’s CO2 emissions.

The majority of fuels used today are fossil fuels, but the world needs renewable fuels to support the ongoing green transition. Methanol is the solution as it is an efficient liquid energy carrier that can be produced from renewable sources.

Due to methanol’s liquid nature, it can be distributed, stored and integrated into the existing infrastructure without the need for massive investments to follow.

Methanol can be used as an energy carrier in several applications. It is already used in marine engines, motorsport, and can be used as a blend in fossil-based combustion engines.

Power-to-X ➡ Power-to-methanol

Methanol already fits into our society with several options to produce it from renewable sources.

Hydrogen is an essential element in producing methanol, as methanol consists of hydrogen and CO2. However, there are several methods to produce methanol which is a matter of feedstock.

Methanol can be produced from municipal solid waste, bio-syngas, waste CO2, or simply from CO2 extracted from the surrounding air. It can be produced on a large scale, distributed globally, and be stored on a yearly basis.

Methanol is a hot topic within Power-to-X, which is a concept targeted to find a solution to use and store green electricity. Blue World Technologies sees methanol as the strongest candidate within Power to X, due to its several benefits. It is already produced in large volume and is available around the globe. Moreover, it can easily be integrated into the existing infrastructure with only minor upgrades while methanol can be used for many different applications for a wide variety of industries worldwide.

Benefits of methanol

We are advocates for methanol, as it has several benefits. Regardless of the origin of methanol, our fuel cell systems have a significant CO2 reduction. However, when renewable methanol is used our system provides a net-zero carbon emission operation.

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Liquid electricity

Methanol is a liquid energy carrier that enables the storage of electricity in the form of liquid fuel.

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Methanol is already produced on large scale which can easily be distributed and stored all over the world.

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Methanol produced from renewable sources allows for a well-to-wheel net-zero carbon emission operation.

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It can be integrated into the existing infrastructure only with minor alterations.

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Used in industries

The fuel is already known in several industries such as marine engines, motorsport, and as a blend with fossil fuels.

The methanol cycle - from production to a clean operation

We have developed the methanol cycle animation describing the steps from producing renewable methanol to how it is turned into electricity in the fuel cell.

Methanol production
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