Accelerating the green transition of the world by enabling the use of green fuel through high efficiency


Developer and manufacturer of methanol fuel cells

Blue World Technologies is an ambitious and visionary developer and manufacturer of methanol fuel cell components and systems for the automotive and heavy-duty transportation sectors and stationary applications around the world. The fuel cells act as a green alternative to combustion engines and diesel generators.

A green alternative for POWER GENERATION

Stationary fuel cell system

Blue World Technologies’ stationary fuel cell system is a methanol fuel cell-based power generator. The stationary system is specially developed for the power demand and features of the telecommunication industry, but the system can be adapted to other demands such as electric vehicle charging or power supply for low-quality- or off-grid installations. 

What we do

Blue World’s value chain coverage

With an industrial approach, Blue World Technologies stands out by having all technologies and core component manufacturing within the methanol fuel cell stack value chain internally in the organisation, and in some cases even to system level.

Research and development

Pursuing technological breakthroughs and product development

Material and component

Manufacturing of materials and components used in the fuel cells

Production and assembly

Manufacturing and assembly of components to fuel cell stack


Integration in stationary systems as well as vehicle integration


Various end-user applications in close collaboration with OEMs or customers

When direct electrification isn't enough

Undoubtedly direct electrification will play a significant role in the global transition towards a fossil-free future. But sometimes direct electrification and battery technology are not possible or feasible.

Blue World Technologies pushes the green transition forward by providing high energy-efficient methanol fuel cell technology that enables a cost-competitive use of green e-fuels.


Accelerating a clean, electric future with methanol fuel cells

Blue World Technologies’ methanol fuel cells act as a green alternative to combustion engines and diesel generators within a wide range of industries around the world.



Other applications

A green future with net-zero carbon emission

Renewable methanol plays a significant strategic role as a promising alternative to fossil fuels.

Methanol is an efficient, liquid energy carrier that can be produced from renewable sources. Due to its liquid nature, methanol can easily and conveniently be stored in large volumes and transported around the world. Methanol allows for the reuse of the existing global infrastructure without the need for massive investments in the development of new infrastructure. 

Methanol from biomass and renewable origin also eliminates CO2 emissions from a well-to-wheel perspective and enables a CO2-neutral operation. Furthermore, Blue World Technologies’ methanol fuel cells have zero NOx, SOx or particle emissions.

With an increasing global focus on the production of renewable methanol, the way is paved towards a net-zero carbon emission future.

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