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Blue World Technologies is on a mission to bring energy-efficient, sustainable and cost-effective methanol fuel cell technology to the world.

With a primary focus on the mobility sector, Blue World Technologies operates from component level and all the way to integration of customized methanol fuel cell solution in close collaboration with our customers. 

The methanol fuel cell

The Blue World Technologies fuel cells are based on high-temperature PEM-technology combined with methanol-reforming. A combination that ensures a simple system design with high energy conversion efficiency and strong compliance with the design requirements of the mobility sector.

The methanol fuel cell system provides an alternative to the use of fossil fuels and is designed to reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emission while also ensuring long range, fast refuelling, zero harmful emissions, and a low fuel cost.

The exclusive fuel for Blue World Technologies’ fuel cell systems is methanol, a simple liquid fuel that is available in large volume worldwide and can easily be transported around the world utilising the existing infrastructure used for conventional fuels. Another important benefit of methanol is that it is a non-pressurised fuel at atmospheric pressure that can be produced from renewable sources. When methanol is produced from renewable sources, the fuel is CO2 neutral in a well-to-wheel perspective.

Who is Blue World Technologies?

Blue World Technologies is an advanced designer, developer, and manufacturer of methanol fuel cells systems and solutions for integration, primarily, in mobility applications.

The vision of Blue World Technologies is to retire the combustion engine and replace it with clean, efficient and competitive methanol fuel cell systems.

Blue World Technologies is founded on extensive experience from the fuel cell industry and with an aim to produce large-volume, high-efficient methanol fuel cells at market cost, the company is in the process of making the world’s largest methanol fuel cell factory.

Fuel cells for a variety of applications

The Blue World Technologies’ methanol fuel cell systems are applicable to a wide range of industries as a green alternative to combustion engines or diesel generators.

In the slider, you can see some examples of applications that can benefit from the methanol fuel cell technology. Click on “read more” to get a further introduction to all the advantages of applying the methanol fuel cell technology across the mobility sector.



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