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Providing a green alternative to fossil-based power generators, Blue World Technologies does not just contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases but also contributes to fighting air pollution.


The Stationary fuel cell system

Blue World Technologies’ Stationary system is a methanol fuel cell-based stationary power generator specially developed for the power demand and features of the telecommunication industry. Suitable for outdoor installation in various environmental conditions.

The Stationary fuel cell system is based on HTPEM (High-Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane) technology. As a result, there is no need to purify the hydrogen after the methanol-reforming process. With this concept, the process is simplified and has superior electrical efficiency.

The Stationary system works in parallel with an existing onsite 48V battery solution and replaces diesel generators for backup, supplementation, and off-grid power.

The system can be used in hybrid applications along with renewable energy sources such as solar, wind turbines, and others.

Key features


Continuous true power

The 5 kilowatt system can continuously produce 5 kilowatts of power throughout the entire lifetime of the system. Systems that are currently on the market, will often reduce their power output over time.


Modularity (5-10-15 kW)

The systems are completely modular and compact, making it possible to add up to 2 additional 5 kilowatt systems to the existing one, in case of increasing power demand.


REDUCED emissions

The Stationary fuel cell system is a direct replacement for diesel generators. It reduces NOx, SOx and particle emissions due to its technological advantage.
When methanol is produced from renewable sources, the emission is carbon neutral.


Pure methanol system

The Stationary fuel cell system is powered by pure methanol. Unlike the industry standard of a mixed fuel, which requires special equipment and infrastructure, a unique feature of the system is the ability to use pure methanol to fuel the system. This facilitates fuel distribution, reduces the amount of fuel storage space needed, and eliminates any further fuel mixing.

Market and product match

A cost-effective and reliable power unit

As a green alternative to conventional generators, Blue World Technologies’ state-of-the-art methanol fuel cell-based Stationary system is flexible, reliable, and presents a strong business case. 

With a focus on high electrical efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, Blue World Technologies provides fuel cell solutions for stationary applications for a wide variety of industries around the world, e.g. the telecommunication industry where methanol fuel cells are widely recognised to power telco towers. 

Due to the environmental advantages of the fuel cell system, with low noise and vibrations and elimination of particle emissions, the system complies with environmental restrictions making it ideal for installations in densely populated areas. It can be rooftop installations, but also in greenfield sites where the impact on the surrounding nature should be reduced to a minimum. 

The methanol fuel cell system is made as a hybrid configuration with a smaller battery pack and can work both with and without grid connection. The system can be used in combination with renewable energy sources such as solar or wind turbines. 

With high efficiency, operation costs are reduced, both in terms of fuel and service costs, providing a strong business case for our customers with a lower OPEX (operating expense) and TCO (total cost of ownership) compared to diesel generators.

System specification

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Split fuel

Pure methanol with option for onsite water production.

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Low-noise power generator

With only a few moving parts, the methanol fuel cell system has a very low noise and vibration level making it ideal for installations in densely populated areas.

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Easy access, filter check, remote monitoring.

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Low operation cost

High efficiency results in lower OPEX and TCO compared to diesel generator. Fewer moving parts means higher reliability and low maintenance costs. Integrated methanol reformer mitigates logistic issues related to hydrogen fuel cells.

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Small footprint

1.1m2 for 5-10-15 kW.

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Privacy and security of the customer network are maintained by separating customer and OEM/remote network. Wireless upgrade of Firmware Over the Air (FOTA).

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Fleet management services

24/7 cloud-based monitoring of each fuel cell system using IoT. Technicians are notified for timely refueling and potential issues which results in maximised network uptime.

A cost-effective and flexible transition

The methanol fuel cell technology is a perfect match with heavy-duty applications.

Liquid fuels, such as methanol produced from renewable electricity, are highly compatible with existing distribution and refuelling technologies enabling a cost-effective, safe, and flexible transition from fossil-based fuels to renewable and CO2-neutral fuels.

Fuel cells are a prominent technology for indirect electrification through renewably produced methanol to overcome the inherent disadvantages of batteries in heavy-duty applications.

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