Market application

A green alternative

A substitute for diesel generators and combustion engines for industries around the world

Methanol fuel cell stack
For various industries

Powering industries around the world with highly efficient methanol fuel cells

Providing high energy conversion and a clean operation, the methanol fuel cell is a strong alternative to conventional combustion engines and generators for a wide variety of applications.


When direct electrification and batteries do not cover it

Based on extensive industry knowledge, Blue World Technologies has developed methanol fuel cells to be applicable to a wide range of industries worldwide. The methanol fuel cells provide high flexibility, zero harmful emissions, and cost savings.

Stationary and APU




Close collaborations

"Alfa Laval is proud to work with such experienced partners in this project to realise a high-efficiency HTPEM fuel cell system for marine use. To the project, Blue World Technologies is contributing with their strong expertise within methanol fuel cell systems".
Lars Bo Andersen
Test & Training Centre Manager, Alfa Laval
“This collaboration brings together Blue World’s strength in fuel cell development and our vast expertise in engineering hybrid propulsion systems and integrating electric vehicle technologies”.
Dr. Lance Zhou
Chief Executive Officer, Karma Automotive
"We have made this strategic cooperation with Blue World Technologies to provide both the methanol fuel cell components to our cars as well as to support the development with their extensive knowledge and experience with the methanol fuel cell technology”.
Mr. FU Qiang
President and Co-founder of AIWAYS

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