Blue World Technologies and Karma Automotive to collaborate on fuel cell propulsion system

AALBORG, Denmark and IRVINE, California, USA (Feb. 2, 2021) – Blue World Technologies today announced that we have agreed to collaborate with Karma Automotive to explore the viability of a fuel cell system to provide primary propulsion power for a variety of future passenger and light commercial vehicles. Fuel cells enable fast refueling and extremely long driving ranges, and with zero harmful emissions provide a green alternative to the internal combustion engine.

Blue World Technology’s fuel cell system will be integrated with Karma Automotive’s electric vehicle architecture and piloted in GS-6 development vehicles for evaluation purposes. Testing and validation will take place in the United States and Denmark over the next few months.

An electric vehicle powered by methanol fuel cells provides the same convenience as fueling an internal combustion engine with gasoline. This technology has a methanol-reformer to produce hydrogen on board. Methanol is a hydrogen-carrier commodity fuel already traded worldwide and it can be stored and distributed using the existing infrastructure in many countries around the world. As a green alternative to fossil fuels, methanol can be produced using renewable sources ensuring a CO2 neutral proposition.

“We are investing in these types of powertrain technologies now to prepare for an emission-free world by having various extended-range electrification solutions that include hydrogen, ethanol and methanol fuel cells as a propulsion system. This collaboration brings together Blue World’s strength in fuel cell development and our vast expertise in engineering hybrid propulsion systems and integrating electric vehicle technologies.”
Dr. Lance Zhou
Chief Executive Officer at Karma Automative
“We are very excited about the collaboration with Karma and see great potential in combining their expertise within hybridisation and powertrain solutions with our flexible fuel cell concept that is suitable for both engine bay or skateboard platform integration”.
Mads Friis Jensen CCO of Blue World Technologies
Mads Friis Jensen
Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder at Blue World Technologies

In late 2020, when Blue World Technologies announced the closing of a successful investment round, it was also announced that the company was taking over a production building at the Port of Aalborg. This was a newly constructed building of 2,000 m2 that would act as a stepping stone providing the possibility to set up production with an annual capacity of up to 5,000 fuel cell units. With a growing order book, Blue World Technologies knew that more space would be required within a short time frame, so when a last-minute offer came to take over a building four times the size, a lease agreement was quickly finalised.

The upgrade to a production building of 8,500 m2 is a cost-efficient solution as it not only meets Blue World Technologies’ requirements for the first serial production but also for further scale-up that is planned for the coming years all in one location. The building was taken over on 1 February 2021, and production equipment for core fuel cell components such as membrane and electrode for the MEA (membrane electrode assembly) will be installed within the first half of 2021.

Press contact:

Blue World Technologies
Anne Kvist
Head of PR and Communication
Mobile: +45 31 60 16 71

Karma Automotive
Jeff Holland
Director, Public Relations
Phone: +1 657 234 8672


Please see the press release in Blue World Technologies’ newsroom at MyNewsdesk.

Press contact
Anne Kvist Head of PR & Communication at Blue World Technologies
Anne Kvist
Head of PR and Communication