Blue World and Wuxi Lead sign partnership agreement

Blue World Technologies signs partnership agreement with world-leading supplier of intelligent production equipment

3 min
In September the construction of the largest methanol fuel cell factory in Europe will begin at the Port of Aalborg, and today Blue World Technologies ...
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Blue World Technologies collaborates with Aalborg University

Blue World Technologies in strategic collaboration with world-class university

3 min
From left Steffen Frensch – Development Engineer at Blue World Technologies and former PhD-student at Aalborg University, Department of Energy, Søren Knudsen Kær – Professor ...
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Blue World Technologies founders

Blue World Technologies closes seed round with impressive result

3 min
In October last year, Blue World Technologies saw the light of day as a new player in the methanol fuel cell market for the transport ...
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Groundbreaking Blue World Technologies

Blue World Technologies presenting plans for large-scale manufacturing facility

2 min
Blue World Technologies today presents plans for the world’s largest methanol fuel cell factory located at the Port of Aalborg ready for global export of ...
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Founders of Blue World Technologies

Fuel cells: New industry player

2 min
Blue World Technologies aims to be a synonym with the future of sustainable mobility by making fuel cells in a simple way. The ban of ...
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Co-founders of Blue World Technologies

Founders team assembled

< 1 min
The Founders team is now assembled and Blue World is a reality. Anders Korsgaard, Mads Bang and Mads Friis Jensen all come from executive positions ...
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