Blue World Technologies presenting plans for large-scale manufacturing facility

Groundbreaking Blue World Technologies

Blue World Technologies today presents plans for the world’s largest methanol fuel cell factory located at the Port of Aalborg ready for global export of clean energy technology. Methanol fuel cell components will be produced in high volume enabling electric vehicles to have a 1,000 km range with 3 minutes refuelling time.

Blue World technology is newly founded but has ambitious goals from the start by targeting the most potential markets in form of automotive and electric mobility. The challenge is daunting, but also the possibility to really make a difference in the world.

Today the mayor of Aalborg, Mr. Thomas Kastrup Larsen is attending the launch reception of Blue World Technologies on the Port of Aalborg. Furthermore, plans for the world largest methanol fuel cell manufacturing facility will be presented.

Volume production of methanol fuel cells

Blue World Technologies will establish a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant for a unique fuel cell technology platform utilizing methanol as a fuel. The plant will be highly specialized in the production of materials and components for the fuel cell and stack which can be compared to the engine block of a car. The overall effort will require several hundreds of new employees for both development and operations. The factory will be built and have initial manufacturing activity during 2019.

Liquid electricity – methanol a superior electro fuel

Methanol is clean, cheap and simple to store and distribute – but more importantly, it can be made from electricity and clear air. This is key in a world where the production of renewable energy is increasingly electricity from wind and solar power.

The real challenge is to match the energy consumption with the production of energy combined with a simple long-term storage solution.

Infrastructure is critical for all change, here methanol can be used today in existing bulk storage, trucks and stations around the world – there is no need to invest heavily in this area and no chicken/egg issues.

The Blue World Technologies concept is to utilize a hybrid platform that takes the best from direct electric plug-in charging and supplement it with power from a methanol fuel cell when taking longer trips or charging is not feasible. This enables 1,000 km range with 3 minutes refueling in a light and competitive drivetrain platform.

Green-tech for the global markets

Blue World Technologies are focused on core technology which requires highly skilled manufacturing competences a long side the engineering teams designing the products.

The local environment around Aalborg, Denmark, is essential to fulfilling the company goals; Aalborg University has been awarded the best engineering education in Europe, including specialized research activities within fuel cells and the Port of Aalborg is already leading the way in cleantech manufacturing and shipping.

The Blue World Technologies’ manufacturing plant can make a difference on many levels; to people employed in the future, to the environment by retiring the combustion engine and finally to the world by exporting clean energy technology to the world.

Please read the press release in Blue World Technologies’ newsroom on MyNewsDesk where you can also find related content and a Danish translation.

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Anne Kvist Head of PR & Communication at Blue World Technologies
Anne Kvist
Head of PR and Communication