Blue World Technologies: Turning three

This week it is three years since Blue World Technologies was founded seeking to make a positive impact on the path towards a greener future.

During the past year, many steps have been taken and many successes celebrated, and despite the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the development of Blue World Technologies has progressed at rapid speed. With the ongoing installation of production lines in what will be one of the largest fuel cell factories in Europe, Blue World continues the journey towards industrialising the high-temperature PEM technology providing methanol fuel cells for a wide variety of industries around the world.

Highlights of the past year:

• Closing of a successful investment round in December 2020 with a total investment of more than 6 mEUR. 50 smaller investors, each with a subscription with a minimum of 15,000 EUR, signed up alongside larger investors.
• Acquiring the remaining 85% of Danish Power System, a developer of high-temperature PEM technology ensuring all technology IP for the fuel cell stack in house. The acquisition also meant welcoming 16 new highly skilled colleagues to the team.
• Building up great collaborations with strong market players amongst Karma Automotive in February, Alfa Laval in April, and now DEUTZ AG in October.
• Welcoming colleagues in the Philippines with an aim to provide a green alternative power system with a significant CO2 reduction and zero harmful emissions for customers in the ASEAN region.
• Taking over an 8,500 m2 production building on the Port of Aalborg, which has the capacity to commercialise Blue World Technologies’ methanol fuel cell technology.
• Boosting the Blue World team with new colleagues across the organisation supporting our efforts within product development, production technology, project development, and much more.
• Strengthening the Blue World Board of Directors with strong and experienced profiles: John Butt, now Chairman of the Board, with significant industry knowledge and Lykke Friis, former Danish Minister of Energy with a unique climate and energy know-how combined with an international outlook.
• Installing production equipment and scaling production processes preparing for serial production.
• Focusing intensive R&D efforts on optimisation of durability and energy efficiency making the methanol fuel cell technology an attractive and competitive solution for a wide range of industries.

Blue World celebrates two year anniversary
Blue World Technologies celebrates one year anniversary
Blue World founders on October 2018

With many milestones reached within the past year, Blue World Technologies continues its many activities on the development and deliveries of the fuel cell stack, systems, and supporting subsystem to OEMs within several different industries e.g., the transportation sector where the fuel cell technology has a large potential for multiple applications. To meet customer demand, the focus also lies in further automatisation of production and assembly processes moving towards a production capacity of 500 MW within the coming years.