Blue World Technologies is nominated as the Business of the Year at Aalborg Awards 2021

Every year, Aalborg Awards gives awards for companies around Aalborg, Denmark. This year, Blue World Technologies has been nominated for one of the four special awards, Business of the Year.

Since Blue World Technologies’ foundation in 2018, we have had full speed on the throttle. We have gone through major developments within these almost three years. 

We are therefore very honoured to be nominated for this award, as it shows that we are appreciated for what we do which brings value to Aalborg, and not the least pushes the green agenda forward. 

We are looking forward to future developments here in Aalborg, as we are in the process of industrialising the methanol fuel cell technology. Within the next three years, we are expecting to reach a full-scale commercial production capacity of 50,000 fuel cell units per year.

All the nominees

Blue World Technologies
A. Enggaard
Rare Wine

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