Welcome to Sander Densing, Regional Sales Director for the ASEAN region

Last week we welcomed Sander Densing to the Blue World Technologies team where he has joined the Commercial Department as Regional Sales Director for the ASEAN region.

New regional sales direction ASEAN

Sander Densing has a long history of working with fuel cell systems and will with his strong experience within technical sales make a difference for customers with cost-efficient methanol fuel cell solutions for power generation that will also provide a significant CO2 reduction and zero harmful emissions benefitting not only the customers but also the climate and surrounding environment.

Blue World Technologies has initiated the commercialisation of the methanol fuel cell technology through large-scale production and is planning to start up pre-series production in mid-2021 with a production capacity of up to 5,000 units (50MW). Large-scale and cost-efficient production is key for a truly commercialised breakthrough of methanol fuel cell solutions as a green alternative to industries around the world.