Vote for Blue World Technologies for the Nordic Startup Awards 2023

Since 2012 the Nordic Startup Awards has gathered the best of the best from the Nordic startup community, with the ambition to recognise and celebrate all the great achievements of the Nordic countries. And you can vote for us!

The Nordic Startup Awards is the regional contest between startups in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. The aim is to inspire, stimulate and recognise entrepreneurship, whilst connecting a community of startup enthusiasts and focusing on the entire startup ecosystem – from the investors and journalists to the founders and the developer heroes. 

Moving on to Global Startup Awards 

The winner of the Nordic Startup Awards will move on to the Global Startup Awards, which is the largest independent startup ecosystem competition worldwide and is present in 120 countries. The aim is to find, support and connect the top 1% of each local startup ecosystem in the world. 

You can vote for us 

The winner will be found on the 23-24 of May by a jury and public voting. We are nominated in the category Best GreenTech 2023.  

If you believe in Blue World Technologies, you can vote for us now.

Why vote for Blue World Technologies?
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Because Blue World Technologies is on a mission to bring energy-efficient and cost-effective methanol fuel cell technology to the world.

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Because the methanol fuel cell technology contributes to solving parts of the green transition that cannot be solved by direct electrification and battery technology alone.

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Because around 3% of the global greenhouse gas emissions are emitted from the shipping industry. Without action, shipping could be responsible for 10-13% of global emissions within a few decades. At Blue World Technologies, we are committed to the decarbonisation of the maritime industry by developing APU and later also propulsion systems based on methanol fuel cell technology and thus change the bad course.

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Because fuel cells will play a vital role in a green future enabling efficient use of renewable methanol.


And we would very much like to add more arguments but leave it to you to decide if you want to know more. Go to our Knowledge center for more technical knowledge of our work or sign up to our newsletter to get updates on our work and how we accelerate the green transition. 

By voting for Blue World Technologies you contribute to accelerating the green transition as spreading the word of our work is the immeasurable first important step towards making a true difference!   

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"We appreciate the recognition of our methanol fuel cell technology and the work we have put into industrialise the technology making it a real green alternative to industries around the world. With our methanol fuel cells, we aim to significantly contribute to the combat against climate change and air pollution."
Anders Korsgaard
Co-founder and CEO of Blue World Technologies