Torben Madsen enters the role of Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Product Office

Blue World Technologies has, with a strengthened focus on industrialisation and commercialisation, appointed Torben Madsen as Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Product Office.

Aalborg, Denmark, 30 June 2023 – The development of Blue World Technologies is progressing rapidly, and after years with a strong focal point on technology development and the build-up of the fuel cell production, the company is now increasing the effort on industrialisation and commercialisation. As a start-up, the company has been characterised by a strong entrepreneurial culture, and as a natural development of the company, the focus on structure, processes, and target management is increasing. This transition requires a stronger strategic effort and awareness in the organisation. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that Blue World Technologies can announce that Torben Madsen has agreed to take on the role of Chief Strategy Officer. Torben has been recruited from within the organisation where he, almost from the start of Blue World, has covered the position of Chief Procurement Officer. To benefit from underlying synergies, Torben has in addition to the role of Chief Strategy Officer also taken the lead of our product development as Head of Product Office which is an important strategic area regarding the commercialisation of Blue World Technologies’ fuel cell products.

“Through his development of the sourcing and procurement function at Blue World Technologies, Torben has gained a solid understanding of our business and knows every corner of the organisation. For the past years, Torben has been a valuable contributor to the strategic development of our business, and we are very pleased that Torben has agreed to dedicate himself to driving this area onward”.
Anders Korsgaard CEO Blue World Technologies
Anders Korsgaard
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Blue World Technologies

In December 2022, only four years after the company was founded, Blue World Technologies went into series production with their fuel cells. The company is currently in the process of scaling the production while preparing for mass deployment of stationary fuel cell systems and running the first demonstration project with zero-emission fuel cell systems for the maritime industry.

“Having worked for large global enterprises in the past, where I have led and participated in the strategic development of such companies, I am happy that I can now use this experience to a larger extent, to help bring Blue World into the next phase of becoming a professional innovative production company”.
Torben Madsen
Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Product Office

Torben Madsen holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and Commercial Law from Aalborg University. Having worked for more than 20 years with sales, marketing, and procurement at global enterprises, Torben is greatly experienced in growing businesses through large transformation and optimisation projects.

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Anne Kvist Head of PR & Communication at Blue World Technologies
Anne Kvist
Head of PR and Communication