Hans Aage Hjuler steps down from the position as Chief Scientific Officer at Blue World Technologies

After more than two decades of creating record-breaking performance and durability results within the high-temperature PEM fuel cell technology, Hans Aage Hjuler has stepped down from the position as Chief Scientific Officer in Blue World Technologies in accordance with a mutual agreement.

Danish Power Systems Hans Aage Hjuler and Blue World Technologies
Hans Aage Hjuler at the fuel cell lab at the Kvistgaard site

Being one of the first scientists to start research and development activities within HT-PEM technology (high-temperature proton-exchange membrane) Hans Aage Hjuler formed a research group within fuel cell research and development back in 1988 after doing his PhD in advanced battery technology. He later co-founded Danish Power Systems, a globally recognised manufacturer of HT-PEM fuel cell components.

When Danish Power Systems was acquired and merged into Blue World Technologies a year and a half ago, Hans Aage Hjuler entered the position of Chief Scientific Officer and Site Manager for the production and R&D site in Kvistgaard.

Hans Aage Hjuler has led his team to many great successes, especially with remarkable high-performance results and a focus on a long product lifetime. Their effort within product-lifetime has led to achieving record-breaking results regarding the degradation rate of HT-PEM fuel cells., These great results have, together with an outstanding performance, contributed to the ongoing industrialisation of the HT PEM fuel cell technology. Later this year, Blue World will launch series production, making fuel cells and systems as a green alternative to a wide variety of industries around the world.

“Both before and during his time at Blue World Technologies, Hans Aage has been a leading figure in research and development of the high-temperature PEM fuel cell technology. He has created remarkable results and contributed to maturing the technology to a stage where it will play a significant role in the global green transition. We thank Hans Aage for his dedication and for the close collaboration we have had for many years“
Anders Korsgaard CEO Blue World Technologies
Anders Korsgaard
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Blue World Technologies

Hans Aage will to some extent continue to represent Blue World Technologies on the global scientific scene and through board work in the time to come.