Blue World Technologies turning five

From three to three digit.

Five years ago, three business partners decided to accelerate the green transition by industrialising the HT PEM fuel cell technology benefitting multiple industries around the world.

  • This year our company has grown to more than 120 employees from all over the world
  • We have established three business areas
  • We have inaugurated our first fuel cell factory at the Blue World headquarters in Aalborg
  • We have celebrated the start of series production of the methanol fuel cells
  • We have launched our substitute to the combustion engine on the market for smaller power generators
  • We have welcomed investors incl. Cycle Group, DEUTZ AG, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, and Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund
  • We have signed collaborations with market-leading companies within heavy-duty, maritime, and telecommunications industries
  • We have enlightened globally about the power of liquid methanol as a fuel and HT PEM fuel cell technology by participating in podcasts, fairs, conferences all around the world, and through our newsletter and social media.

    We are looking into celebrating the launch of our maritime systems with high-temperature PEM fuel cells running on methanol for both auxiliary power and propulsion, upscaling our production of the stationary power generator and supporting the transition to liquid e-fuels for industries around the world by commercialising the HT PEM fuel cells, closing orders that can make a difference and create results within the transition to a climate-friendly future.
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