Blue World Technologies is a finalist in the Nordic Startup Awards

A few months ago, Blue World Technologies received a nomination for the award Best Climate Impacts Startup in the Nordic Startup Awards 2020 and have now proceeded as one of the top five finalists from Denmark.

Blue World Technologies is a finalist in Nordic startup awards 2020

Blue World Technologies have been working hard from the start with an ambitious mindset –our mission to provide a strong alternative to the combustion engine to industries around the world. We are very honoured to be nominated and not least be selected to be one of the finalists in the Nordic Startup Awards’ category Best Climate Impact Startup. It shows that our mission is recognised and appreciated by others in our work to make industries around the world more climate-friendly with our methanol fuel cell technology.

How can I vote?

The public voting has now started, and everyone can now vote for us. The public voting will be equivalent to one jury vote – it is not a popularity contest, but they would still like to bring the public into play. Meanwhile, the jury members from the board will rank each finalist on behalf of the information that has been provided to them.

To vote on us, simply select the category “Best Climate Impact Startup” and select the country “Denmark”, then Blue World Technologies will appear for you to select your vote.

Blue World are finalists in Nordic startup awards

Some of the regional jury members are Peter Lundgreen who is CEO at Lundgreen’s Capital, Lene Gerlach who is Investment Manager at Vækstfonden Venture, Human Shojaee who is CEO at Sustainary, and many more jury members.

Who are the other finalists?

The other four finalists from Denmark are; Fresh.Land, Trebo, EcoTree International, and Nordic Harvest.

Besides the finalist from Denmark, we are up against the top five finalists from Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. You can see all the companies in this Facebook post.

When is the Grand Finale Day?

On the 26 November, 2020 19:00 CET Nordic Startup Awards will air their award show on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. It will be revealed who will win Best Climate Impact Startup, and all the other categories; Startup of the Year, Best Newcomer, Founder of the Year, Investor of the Year, Best-Coworking Space, Best Accelerator/Incubator Program, Ecosystem Hero of the Year, Best Virtual Teamwork Solution, People’s Choice, and Best Health Tech Startup.

If we are so fortunate to become a regional winner in the Nordic Startup Awards, Global Startup Awards will hold at the end of every second year, a bi-annual gathering where all winners from all ten regions will be gathered and be voted by a jury who is the best.

What is the Nordic Startup Awards?

Nordic Startup Awards is a subsidiary of Global Startup Awards. Global Startup Awards started in Denmark in 2012, and they annually select and award companies, organisations, and people who have shown outstanding achievements in business and service to the community.

Global Startup Awards have later on expanded, hence why they have ten subsidiary awards divided into the regions in the world; Nordic Startup Awards, Central Eastern Europe, South Europe, Southern Africa, Northern Africa, Western Africa, Eastern Africa, Euroasia, Southeast Asia, South Asia.

Nordic Startup Awards has multiple partners such as Vækstfonden, Danmarks Grønne Investeringsfond, Sustainary, and many more.

Best climate impact Nordic startup awards

Blue World Technologies is nominated in the category, Best Climate Impact Startup, but what does the category describe?

“A startup that has shown the greatest development over last year based on growth and innovation with a product and or service that supports the transition to a low-carbon society by reducing emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.” – Nordic Startup Awards 2020

The category, Best Climate Impact Startup, is held in collaboration with Sustainary.

Sustainary is an organisation that describes themselves as “A global non-profit partnership platform that improves knowledge & access to Sustainable technology to share ideas and foster business innovation.” – 2020