Blue World Technologies is joining strategic partners Gumpert AIWAYS and AIWAYS in exhibiting their product at the upcoming 2nd China International Import Expo taking place between 5 and 10 November 2019 in Shanghai, China.

The 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE) is a world-class expo with a total exhibition area exceeding 240,000 square meters. CIIE presents a historic opportunity for companies worldwide to introduce themselves to the Chinese market, to strengthen cooperation with China, in addition to promoting world economy and trade. The expo will feature Chinese government officials, industry leaders and professionals from across the world and from China as well as Chinese technology giants.

At CIIE 2019, visitors will get an insight into the great advantages of methanol fuel cell vehicles and will have a chance to examine the “hybrid box”developed by AIWAYS in collaboration with Blue World Technologies – containing the methanol fuel cell system and batteries in a hybrid configuration. Besides, guests will be able to tour the “methanol cycle” where they can watch animations accompanied by 3D-printed models illustrating the greater perspective of methanol as fuel and the methanol fuel cell technology. The methanol cycle will provide great insight into methanol production, storage, logistics and refuelling as well as explain the concepts of CO2 recycling and zero harmful emissions. Lastly, the methanol cycle will also provide thorough information on how the methanol fuel cell and the methanol fuel cell vehicle operate.

“Blue World Technologies – together with strategic partners Gumpert AIWAYS and AIWAYS – is set to become a pioneer in commercialising methanol fuel cell systems in passenger vehicles. The key to the commercialisation process is how we approach the Chinese market as China has huge expansion potential and a focus on automotives with zero harmful emissions. The country is one of the world’s biggest markets for electric vehicles and a frontrunner in adopting methanol as fuel. This is the reason why we at Blue World Technologies – together with Gumpert AIWAYS and AIWAYS – are revealing our latest advancements at the China International Import Expo,” says Anders Korsgaard, CEO at Blue World Technologies.

Meet Blue World Technologies at CIIE at booth number 2.1C5-003 in the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China.


For more information regarding Blue World Technologies’ participation in the China International Import Expo, please contact:

Anne Kvist
Head of PR and Communication
Mobile: +45 31 60 16 71