Blue World Technologies’ CCO, Mads Friis Jensen, is speaking at the Maritime Cluster and GreenShipping event

Mads Friis Jensen

Blue World Technologies’ CCO, Mads Friis Jensen, is invited as a speaker to the Maritimes Cluster and GreenShipping event on 31 August 2020 10 AM CET. Mads will be taking part in discussing methanol as a part of “the green deal” in the maritime and shipping industry by explaining how methanol fuel cells are powering the future.

The two organisations, Maritime Cluster and GreenShipping Niedersachsen, are organising the online event “Methanol 4.0: Full speed ahead towards the green deal”. There will be several speakers at the event such as Blue World Technologies, ADS Insight GmbH, embeteco GmbH & CO. KG, Marinvest Shipping AB, and BALance Technology Consulting. These speakers will address the fact that the maritime and inland shipping industry sees increasing pressure to introduce alternative, low-emission fuel concepts in the future as the International Maritime Organisation is aiming for a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions in shipping by 2030.

Several speakers at the event will address the use of methanol as an alternative fuel providing a significant CO2 reduction and how methanol is being utilised in industries around the globe. In more detail, there will be elaborated on methanol projects, tankers running on methanol, an introduction to methanol as a fuel, and methanol fuel cell technology.

Register for this online event at the latest on 27 August 2020 here and get an educational opportunity to get an insight into making the shipping industry green.