Blue World Technologies’ CCO, Mads Friis Jensen, is attending as a speaker at the online conference Maritime Hydrogen and Marine Energy

Mads Friis Jensen speaking at maritime/marine conference

Mads Friis Jensen will be speaking at the fifth international conference on Maritime Hydrogen and Marine Energy “Making Green Waves – Solutions for the Future” on Thursday 15 October 2020 12.25 AM- 1.25 PM CET.

CCO at Blue World Technologies Mads Friis Jensen is speaking on the second day of the conference, Thursday 15, concerning methanol for ship propulsion where he will be talking about what the benefits are for methanol as a hydrogen carrier and what the next steps are moving forward. In this discussion two other speakers will join him, Dag Nikolai Ryste from Glocal Green Energy, and Chris Chatterton from Methanol Institute.

The Maritime Hydrogen and Marine Energy is an international conference that this fifth time will be held as a digital version to accommodate the social distancing due to COVID-19. The course of the international conference is over two days, from Wednesday 14 October to Thursday 15 October, with many different speakers that will address green energy solutions for the maritime market.

Register for the fifth Maritime Hydrogen and Marine Energy conference and get an opportunity to see Mads Friis Jensen, and other leading experts within the maritime field discuss how to make the maritime industry green and the possible solutions for the future.

For more information regarding Blue World Technologies’ participation in The Maritime Hydrogen and Marine Energy conference, please contact our Head of PR and Communication.

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Anne Kvist Head of PR & Communication at Blue World Technologies
Anne Kvist
Head of PR and Communication