The fuel cell

Blue World Technologies design, develop and manufacture methanol fuel cell systems for automotive and mobility applications. With decades of accumulated experience in the industry, the focus is on an advanced technology portfolio ranging from core materials to stack and reformer design and the final reformed methanol fuel cell system. The concept is working together with batteries in hybrid configurations and thereby in one process reduces the number of batteries and enabling extended range and fast recharging. Methanol fuel cells have zero harmful emissions and have a low overall well to wheel CO2 emission level. The fuel is simple, cheap and the existing infrastructure and logistical system can be reused. Renewable methanol is made from many feedstocks such as; electricity, biomass, biogas and municipal waste. Blue World Technologies is covering the entire value chain to enable optimized performance and cost-effectiveness of components and systems. Furthermore, this ensures are seamless scale-up of production and product delivery.

The system

The complete system includes the fuel cell stack, the methanol reformer, heat-exchanger, power conversion units and a set of power and operation controllers, balance of plant.

Core components

The core components are the High-Temperature PEM stack and the methanol reformer. A closed thermal integration enables reuse of fuel cell waste heat for fuel evaporation thereby increasing efficiency significantly.

Balance of Plant

The Balance of Plant components is needed to control and supply the system with air, fuel, and coolant. This is customized for the specific vehicle and environment.


The methanol fuel cell systems are applied in a plug-in battery hybrid configuration to balance the need for power/acceleration and energy/range. Waste heat can be utilized for cabin/battery heating and fuel tank can be placed where chassis design allows it.

Typical specifications

  • 15 – 25 kWh battery pack
  • 10 – 20 kW methanol fuel cell system
  • 50 – 80 L liquid tank

This enables ~3 minutes refueling time with a +1000 km range using a cheap, simple fuel with reuse of existing infrastructure and logistics.


The methanol fuel cell systems are applicable in several vehicles with preference to extended driving patterns and high load demands.

The Blue World Technologies’ methanol fuel cell is applicable to a wide range of domains. Let us show you the advantages of applying this technology across the mobility sector.

By having an onboard liquid fuel tank the range of an average electric vehicle can be +1,000km without compromising weight.
By using existing liquid infrastructure a fast and cost-effective refueling can be done in three minutes.
The methanol fuel cell has zero harmful emissions; no smoke, noise or particle emission.
Methanol produced from electricity, biomass or municipal waste has a low well to wheel CO2 emission which is neutral to the atmosphere.
High conversion efficiency combined with simple distribution enables better fuel economy than diesel/petrol cars.
By reducing the battery pack and replacing with a fuel cell the vehicle cost will be reduced while improving range and functionality.

The technology

Read more about the technology behind the Blue World Technologies fuel cell systems.

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