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The methanol fuel cell provides flexibility and zero harmful emissions

Green driving

Electric driving with methanol fuel cells

Going electric in the transportation sector is an explicit wish for both the broad population and governments worldwide aiming towards a greener and cleaner future. However, in some cases, battery electric vehicles do not cover the required range providing the needed flexibility. That is where Blue World Technologies’ methanol fuel cell system comes into play.

Blue World Technologies’ methanol fuel cells are combined with batteries in hybrid configurations. The battery is very good for short high power needs and the fuel cell for an extended need of energy. By combining the two technologies, both can be downsized considerably to a relatively small battery pack and fuel cell, compared with a single technology scenario. Furthermore, this enables a plugin option for daily use, where a small battery pack is enough to cover the range need of the vehicle.

The complete system includes a methanol-reformer for fuel conversion, DC/DC for power conversion, and a fuel cell stack for power production. The fuel cell control unit governs the fuel cell system as well as communicates with the vehicle. The waste heat generated by the fuel cell system is used to maintain optimum operation temperature for the batteries and for cabin heating or cooling, enhancing the energy efficiency of the system as well as the comfort for the driver. 

The vehicle is being fueled with methanol which generates electricity. It surpasses the range of current fossil-based combustion engines and maintains the quick and convenient fueling experience we are familiar with from combustion engines.

CO2 neutral driving with no particle emissions

Blue World Technologies is providing the vehicle of now and the future with technology that provides zero harmful emissions.

The technology has several benefits providing the opportunity to drive with electricity without the challenges of range and charging time. With methanol being an e-fuel and when it is produced renewably, it enables a net-zero carbon emission in a well-to-wheel perspective. Additionally, the operation of the methanol fuel cell has zero NOx, SOx, or particle emission supporting the combat against air pollution from the transportation sector.

The methanol fuel cell system has the potential to contribute to decarbonising the transportation sector and bringing down the rising of global temperature.

Benefits for the market

Sometimes batteries do not cover the need for a continuous operation, the required range, or simply the flexibility and convenience we know from driving on fossil fuels. The benefits of a vehicle with an integrated fuel cell are many as it provides high energy efficiency and flexibility as well as clean driving.

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Long range

The methanol fuel cell provides a cost-efficient and long range of up to 1,000 km that surpasses fossil-based combustion engines. It provides a flexible and convenient alternative when battery electrification is not possible or feasible.

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Three minute fueling

Blue World Technologies' methanol fuel cell is powered by methanol. Due to methanol's liquid nature, it only takes a few minutes to fuel enabling a quick and convenient fueling experience.

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Easy integration

To ensure easy integration in the vehicle, the flexible fuel cell concept is suitable for both engine bay or skateboard platform integration. The fuel cell system design ensures high energy conversion efficiency and strong compliance with the design requirements of the mobility sector.

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Green e-fuel

The methanol fuel cell system from Blue World Technologies ensures zero harmful emissions and a low overall well-to-wheel CO2 emission level. When the system is powered by renewable methanol it provides a net-zero carbon emission operation enabling clean transportation.

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Vehicle to home

Blue World Technologies’ methanol fuel cell systems are applied in a plug-in battery hybrid configuration to balance the need for power and range. This means that the vehicle in itself is a power generator that can generate electricity from liquid methanol.


Close collaborations

At Blue World Technologies we have initiated several collaborations with big players in the automotive industry to promote the potential and use of methanol fuel cells.

Karma Automotive

Blue World Technologies and Karma are working together on propulsion power for a variety of future passenger and light commercial vehicles. The fuel cell system will be integrated into Karma’s electric vehicle architecture and piloted in GS-6 development vehicles for evaluation purposes.


Blue World Technologies is working closely with the Gumpert R&D team to develop the next-generation fuel cell system for the road-legal electric super sportscar, Gumpert Nathalie. 


Blue World Technologies has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the fast-moving new energy vehicle manufacturer, AIWAYS, with the purpose of supplying the market with vehicles powered by methanol fuel cells for fast refuelling and long range.

From renewable methanol production to green driving

In this short animation, we take you through all the steps from the production of renewable methanol to the fuel cell integration in the vehicle. 

Methanol production
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