Blue World Technologies’, Mads Friis Jensen, will be speaking about “Methanol for fuel cells” in the FASTWATER Webinar held by Lund University and the FASTWATER Consortium on 5 November 2020.

Mads will be talking about the benefits of methanol for fuel cells have on our planet, especially with Blue World Technologies methanol fuel cell technology. The technology can be adapted in multiple industries with minor changes and Mads will elaborate on how methanol for fuel cells is a sustainable, scalable, and storable energy carrier.



FASTWATER is a project that is launched by a consortium of Europe’s maritime and research technology leaders. The aim of the project is to create a fast track to clean and carbon-neutral waterborne transport. They will do so by using renewable methanol as fuel. Methanol can both be used as fuel in internal combustion engines, gas turbines, and fuel cells.


Part of the advisory board

Blue World Technologies is participating in the FASTWATER project as part of the advisory board. The company has large experience with methanol fuel cells and is also actively working towards making methanol as a marine fuel. That makes Blue World Technologies an excellent advisory board member, as they can transfer knowledge on methanol as a marine fuel, market barriers, and on regulatory problems to accommodate the FASTWATER project.

Questions that will be discussed by experts in the webinar


• How much “green” methanol is being produced today, what can we expect 5 years from now?
• What is the cost of carbon as a building block for renewable methanol, how can we capture it?
• What are engine efficiencies and pollutant emission levels for methanol engines today?
• What is the true potential of dedicated methanol-fuelled engines and fuel cells?
• What transport modes can be served with methanol?
• What is the status concerning rules®ulations for methanol-powered transport?



How to register and the agenda for the free webinar

If you would like to know more about the FASTWATER webinar, how to register, and the agenda for the webinar, please follow this link.


For more information regarding Blue World Technologies’ participation in The FASTWATER Webinar, please contact:

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